Alena Pyne

Alena Pyne is an Irish conductor and the founder director of Qatar Youth Choir, a touring and prize-winning chamber choir. As a founding member of Qatar Concert Choir, she served as deputy conductor for many years. Formerly, Alena held the positions of Director of Music,  MYP Music Teacher and Choir Teacher at schools in Qatar. […]

Håkon Matti Skrede

Håkon Matti Skrede trained as a violinist and singer at Griegakademiet in Bergen, Norway. As a singer, he has appeared as a soloist in numerous sacred works and taken part in several operatic productions. As a chorister and student choirmaster of the Drakensberg Boys Choir in South Africa, he decided to develop his skills as […]

Bernie Sherlock

Bernie Sherlock is a leading choral conductor. She founded New Dublin Voices in 2005, is Artistic Director of the Irish Youth Choir since 2020 and was co-conductor of EuroChoir 2021. She has won international conducting prizes in Finland, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Wales and Ireland. Her ongoing work as an international adjudicator of choral and […]

Sebastian Weidenhagen

“Choral Music and Choral Conducting” I love making music with other people, especially in a group of very diverse individuals. By singing together, they become a cohesive team. Leading this team and doing it as a hands-on job has been a passion of mine since my youth. I conduct choirs that vary greatly in intonation, […]

Dr. Lorissa Mason

Dr. Lorissa Mason is the Director of Choral Activities at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where she directs the choral ensembles and teaches conducting and music education courses. Prior to her appointment at UALR, Dr. Mason directed the undergraduate chamber choir and the University Singers and taught undergraduate conducting and music education courses […]

Prof. Dr Heike Henning

Prof. Dr Heike Henning is a professor of instrumental and vocal pedagogy and a lecturer in choral and ensemble conducting at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. She is the director of various choirs in Austria and Germany, an internationally sought-after speaker in the field of children’s and youth choir conducting and an enthusiastic music teacher. She […]

Martina van Lengerich

As a choir director, I am interested in high musical quality, but at the same time I am always interested in the people with whom I set off together to discover new works or old works in a new way. I have now been working as a choir director for around 35 years and for […]

Memli Kelmendi

“Choral music and conducting have been my passion for 14 years. Navigating challenges and exploring a spectrum of emotions, I’ve formed deep affiliations with artistic expression. With its convergence of voices, choral music creates a harmony that unifies individual sentiments and showcases collective musical prowess. The intricate craft of fashioning harmonies defines my journey, and […]

Jeroen Keymeulen

Starting out as a young singer in the rich tradition of a cathedral choir, singing has always played an important role in my musical life. As I got older, I found that leading groups and passing on this passion gave me even more satisfaction, and therefore started as a conductor. For several years now, my […]

Brett Scott

I have been involved in choral music since creating my own madrigal group in high school. It has been a lifelong passion to work with singers to create community and wonderful performance. I have taught at different universities since 1996 and am constantly working to mentor the next generation of choral artists. I enjoy all […]