Contribution system

This contribution system is valid from 2024 – no membership fees will be charged in 2023.

Our network, and by extension the WCCN contribution system, is founded on the principle of solidarity. Every member contributes according to their means for the benefit of the entire community. In doing so, we also recognize the individual financial capacities and circumstances of each member, creating a flexible yet stable financial system.

Flexible Contribution Levels

Each member has the freedom to choose from a range of contribution options:

20 Euros / 40 Euros / 60 Euros / 80 Euros / 100 Euros / amount above 100 Euros, with no limit.

With this approach, every member can select the amount that best reflects their financial capacity and aligns with the shared goals of our community. Members can adjust their contributions annually, ensuring adaptability during both prosperous and challenging economic times. In prosperous times, members can contribute more, thereby strengthening the solidarity of the community.

Contribution-free Membership

For members who are temporarily or permanently unable to contribute, there’s an option to apply for a contribution-free membership. This request should be briefly justified, aiming for transparency, and understanding rather than scrutiny. The community places trust in the honesty of its members.

Associations, Federations, and Institutions

Associations, federations, and institutions are warmly welcomed to join the solidarity community. They have the same contribution options as individual members. However, as per the bylaws, for internal decisions and voting processes, they are treated as ONE entity.

Through this system, we establish an environment built on trust, respect, and community spirit. We firmly believe that solidarity strengthens us, enabling us to collectively face challenges.

Here you can find our Statutes and Ethical code!