WCCN – OpportunityStreet

Welcome to “WCCN-OpportunityStreet”!

Here, a vibrant street is emerging, where you can both provide and find collegial support, personal guidance, and the opportunity for collaborative growth. Opportunity Street operates like a constantly expanding and evolving shopping mall with various houses and shops, where we can showcase and share our individual interests and expertise.

At the same time, Opportunity Street will offer you the chance to become part of a dynamic community of choir conductors who support each other on the journey towards personal and professional growth.

As a member of WCCN, you will have the opportunity to establish your own shop in the houses along this street, following our offer structure and guidelines. However, it’s not just about marketing your offerings here. Based on our Ethical Code, the emphasis is on supporting one another, sharing advice, and working together successfully for the cause.

Status of centres and their respective caretakers

Centre for Guidance & Support  

Facility Manager: Thomas Caplin
Facility Management Team: Sofia Ågren, …

Centre for Choral Practice

Facility Manager: Michael Murphy
Facility Management Team: Amy Bebbington, Bernie Sherlock, Kristine Sheroyan, …

Centre for Digital Resources an Research

Facility Manager: Oksana Sukhetska
Facility Management Team: Heike Henning, …

Centre for Collaborating Partners

Facility Manager: Elin Persson
Facility Management Team: Nils Jensen, …

Centre for Cultural Exchange

Facility Manager: Susanna Saw
Facility Management Team: Heike Henning, …

Centre for Vocal Mastery

Facility Manager: Helene Stureborg
Facility Management Team: Wolfgang Saus, …

Centre for Choral Literature

Facility Manager: Lorissa Mason
Facility Management Team: …

Philanthropic Music Square

Facility Manager: Klaus Levermann
Facility Management Team: …

Do you have questions? Are you interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!
As the primary point of contact and WCCN program coordinator, THOMAS CAPLIN will be there to assist you. He will then establish contact with the respective houses and responsible parties, and together we will integrate your offerings for all global choir conductors.

Contact Thomas Caplin: caplin@wccn.online