Membership advantages

WCCN is a specialized association dedicated exclusively to choral conducting. Here, you will find like-minded individuals and experts to further develop your knowledge and skills in this specialized field. We are a growing community in the making, continuously evolving our offerings, both general and tailored, within the limits of our available resources and capabilities, all to enrich your experience.

Community and Ethics: Become part of a global community of choral conductors who not only appreciate the art of singing but also share our common ethical values. Integrity, respect, and responsibility are our foundation.

Flexible Membership Fee: Your passion and curiosity in the field of choral conducting should not be hindered by financial barriers. Customize your own membership fee to align with your budget.

Opportunity Street 1: Enter the “WCCN Opportunity Street”. Here, new horizons and innovative approaches for your work await.

Opportunity Street 2: Join a WCCN Knowledge Centre! In our “apartments” or “shared living spaces,” you can share your wealth of knowledge and experiences, offer guidance, and learn from others.

Mentorship Programs: Your opportunity to learn from experienced choral conductors and elevate your skills to the next level. We emphasize personal support and guidance. Alternatively, become a part of this program yourself.

Exclusive Resources: As a member, you gain access to a growing treasure trove of exclusive resources. From concert recordings to works by renowned composers, our offerings continually expand.

Active Participation: You have the chance to actively shape our network, exert influence, and engage both nationally and internationally. Become a part of WCCN and help shape the future of choral conducting.

Please note that this Membership Advantages will expand over time as we continue to grow and explore new ways to best support our members.

Here you can find our Statutes and Ethical code!