Intentions, initiators & founding members

The intention of WCCN is to globally strengthen and promote the profession of choral conducting, as well as highlight its significance within the global society and the musical community.

WCCN is particularly dedicated to the targeted support of all choral conductors, singing group leaders, and those interested in choral conducting.

This purpose is achieved through a variety of measures that can be implemented both online and in physical settings.

You´ll find our measures and origins in our Statute.

Driven by Prof. Thomas Caplin (Norway) and Klaus Levermann (Germany) in 2023, the following initiators have brought this living community to life:

Sofia Agren (Sweden) – Dr. Amy Bebbington (UK) – Dr. Michael Barrett (South Africa) – Virginia Bono (Argentina) – Michael Blume (Germany) – Prof. Thomas Caplin (Norway) – Prof. Dr. Heike Henning (Austria) – Nils Jensen (Germany) – Kelvin H. Lau (Hong Kong) – Alexander Lebek (Germany) – Klaus Levermann (Germany) – Kinga Litowska (Poland) – Nicol Matt (Germany) – Wolfgang Saus (Germany) – Susanna Saw (Malaysia) – Prof. Michael Schmoll (Germany) – Bernie Sherlock (Ireland) – Kristine Sheroyan (Armenia) – Oksana Sukhetska (Ukraine) – Mark O´Leary (Australia) – Prof. Michael Murphy (USA) – Elin Persson (Norway) – Ken Wakia (Kenya) – Tracy Wong (Malaysia/Canada) – Wolfgang Ziegler (Austria/Hungary)

In addition to the initiators, the following people are also founding members of the WCCN:

Christoph Achmüller (Germany) – Prof. Andrea Angelini (Italia) – Luc Anthonis (Belgium) – Prof. Matthias Beckert (Germany) – Ian Clethero ( UK) – Markus Detterbeck (Germany) – Alexander Einarsson (Sweden) – Kamil Gojowy (Poland) – Niels Graesholm (Danmark) Thomas Hügli (Switzerland) – Prof. Dag Jansson (Norway) – Jule Smed Jensen (Danmark) – Maurice Kelly (Northern Ireland) – Memli Kelmendi (Kosovo) – Janja Knapic Omranloo (Croatia) – Tim Knight (UK) – Jeroen Keymeulen (Belgium) – Brigitte Luftensteiner (Austria) – Prof. Lorissa Mason (USA) – Milad Omranloo (Croatia) – Alena Pyne (Irleland/South Korea) – Prof. Jan Scheerer (Danmark) – Prof. L. Brett Scott (USA) – Hakon Matti Skrede (Norway) – Brian Stevens (USA) – Helene Stureborg (Sweden) – Ivar Solberg (Norway) – Martina van Lengerich (Germany) – Sebastian Weidenhagen (Germany)

You are cordially invited to join this community – HERE