The WORLD CHORAL CONDUCTING NETWORK (WCCN) serves the global advancement in the field of choral conducting. We provide a supportive environment and a wide range of services for choral conductors of all types. As a community of solidarity, we operate guided by respect, deeply rooted in collegiality, and a shared code of ethics.

WCCN is in the further development phase following its establishment. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.



07.05.2024 – 10.00 CET – Meeting Operations Committee (online)
25.05.2024 – 15.00 CET – Meeting Steering Committee (online)

07.05.2024 – 10.00 CET – Meeting Operations Committee (online

25.05.2024 – 15.00 CET – Meeting Steering Committee (online)
14.09.2024 – 15.00 CET – Meeting Steering Committee (online)
09.11.2024 – 15.00 CET – Meeting Steering Committee (online)

ABOUT US (our philosophy)

Singing together is a universal right and a joy that should be open to all. The role of choral leadership is crucial: it creates artistic spaces where people can overcome both internal and external boundaries. Choral conductors promote interpersonal harmony and foster peace-building interaction among diverse life experiences. Singing under their guidance connects individuals, fosters understanding, gives people a sense of belonging, and creates valuable cultural heritage.

Our mission is to emphasize the invaluable contribution of choral conductors worldwide. While preserving the tradition of choral singing, we also strive to promote and expand the diversity of choral creation in all its facets.

Every choral conductor deserves full support and appreciation. Their dedication and vision – regardless of experience or style – are what make the world of choral singing so unique.

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WCCN is an international community of choral conductors.

Together we aim to build a highly professional network to provide the best possible support to all colleagues and those who are on their way to becoming choral conductors.

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