Alena Pyne

Alena Pyne is an Irish conductor and the founder director of Qatar Youth Choir, a touring and prize-winning chamber choir. As a founding member of Qatar Concert Choir, she served as deputy conductor for many years. Formerly, Alena held the positions of Director of Music,  MYP Music Teacher and Choir Teacher at schools in Qatar. Currently she is employed as the Director of Choirs for Seoul Foreign School in South Korea.

Alena holds the Choir Chair for the Korean International Schools Music Educators Association (KIMEA) for the 2023-24 term. With over 10 years of experience as a choir director she has led large-scale choral festivals such as the annual Qatar Schools Choral Festival and organises events like APAC Choir 2023 and the National Honor Choir Festival 2024 (KIMEA).

Beyond her professional achievements, Alena is dedicated to fostering the growth and confidence of young singers, introducing them to beautiful music and providing opportunities for cross-cultural connections through travel and collaboration. Her passion for creating inclusive and harmonious communities is evident in her desire to work with WCCN, where she aims to build platforms for choirs of all types to exchange and sing together, fostering a sense of joy and connection in the choral world.