Demands and Commitments for Equality and Diversity

The WORLD CHORAL CONDUCTING NETWORK (WCCN) as a Driver for Empowerment and Collaboration: WCCN commits to playing a central role in empowering choral conductors worldwide and promoting collaboration between conductors and choirs on an international level. We actively advocate for spreading and nurturing the principles of equality and inclusion in choral music.

The WCCN Demands:

  1. Equal Right to Singing: We demand equal rights for all individuals, irrespective of their background, abilities, or social status, to express themselves musically. We pledge to support and empower choral directors in this mission.
  2. Inclusion through Singing: Inclusion is the key to diversity. We call for choir groups and singing events to be accessible and inviting to individuals with diverse abilities and backgrounds. We support choral conductors in actively promoting and practicing inclusion.
  3. Musical Education for All: Our demand is to make musical education and singing skills accessible to everyone, regardless of financial barriers or geographical location. We commit to empowering choral directors in delivering this education.
  4. No Discrimination in Choral Music: We strongly condemn discrimination in choral music and urge choral conductors to create and foster discrimination-free environments within their choirs.
  5. Barrier-Free Access to Choral Events: We demand barrier-free access to choir rehearsals, performances, and concerts. We pledge to provide support to choral conductors to ensure that all participants can equally benefit from these events.
  6. Promoting Diversity in Choral Music: We strongly encourage choral conductors to represent a diverse range of musical styles and traditions. We commit to strengthening choral directors in their selection of repertoire to reflect cultural diversity.
  7. Inclusive Choral Director Training: We advocate for inclusive choral director training focused on promoting inclusion and cultural sensitivity. We empower choral conductors with the tools they need to instill these values in their choirs.
  8. Fair Compensation for Choral Directors: We emphasize the importance of fair recognition and, whenever possible, fair compensation for choral directors, regardless of the choir’s size or financial situation. We actively work towards the recognition and empowerment of choral conductors worldwide.
  9. Choral Directors as Agents of Social Change: We view choral conductors as key players in social change, using communal singing as a tool to promote community and social transformation. We support choral directors in this vital role.

Additional Demands for Equality and Diversity in Decision-Making Processes:

  1. Demand for Equality in Decision-Making: We strongly demand that equality and diversity be at the forefront in staffing decisions, jury compositions, and other decision-making processes. We commit to making this demand our own standard in our actions.
  2. Demand for Diversity and Equal Opportunity in Committees and Juries: Our demand is clear: committees and juries must be diverse and representative. We will ensure that we implement this demand as our own standard in our own committees where we have influence.