1. What does the WCCN-Dock offer that’s new? WCCN is a unique network, distinctive in its composition, objectives, and adherence to an ethical code. Our community is characterized by its closeness and member participation. WCCN is purely focused on you who are active in choral leadership/conducting. We believe in granting members the freedom to shape their own experience. Here, you have the opportunity not only to access offerings but also to contribute your own ideas and offerings, establish direct connections, and much more. Such a platform that combines all these elements provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional development for you, the choir conductor.
  1. Why should one join this organization? This is a network for you to “shop” knowledge and inspiration, but also to give you yourself a shopwindow for sharing your own expertise. The keyword here is facilitating – facilitating sharing, development, and growth!
    WCCN offers, for instance, a unique ‘Street of Opportunity’ or a network characterized by closeness and strong collegiality. Members can utilize a flexible contribution system that adapts to their individual needs and circumstances. We embrace diversity and foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported, always in alignment with our firmly rooted ethical code, ensuring the integrity and moral responsibility of our community.
  1. What need or lack of offerings led to the founding of WCCN? WCCN was established in response to a specific need recognized by some of our members. Some of our colleagues sought a platform free from conventional association structures and distinct from traditional offerings. They were looking for a way to connect and grow without being constrained by predetermined paths. WCCN precisely provides this freedom and flexibility to cater to the individual needs of our members.
  1. Is this the first global initiative of its kind? While there are many outstanding associations on the international stage, WCCN stands out for its uniqueness. WCCN has the possibility to facilitate interaction and collaboration with other established associations/federations through our network of professionals in their fields. Our network is specifically tailored to the needs of like-minded individuals, offering a community where mutual support is paramount. WCCN is more than just an organization; it is a closely-knit network of like-minded individuals striving to grow and succeed together.
  1. What do I gain from being a member of WCCN? This network isn’t about asking “What do I gain?” but rather “How can I contribute to this network?” The network aims to facilitate development, knowledge exchange, and interactions. Members can actively shape the offerings, either by sharing their own expertise or by participating in one of our development centers. You also gain access to these offerings.
  1. How can I get in touch with WCCN?
    • Contact Form: Visit our website and fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    • Email: Send us an email at team@wccn.online. We are here to assist and answer your questions.
    • Facebook: Visit our official Facebook page and send us a message. We are active on Facebook and available for inquiries.
  1. Is it expensive? Are there different membership levels or types? No, WCCN does not have different membership levels or types. We believe in the equality of our members and have introduced a flexible contribution system that allows everyone to determine their membership fee based on their own financial circumstances. Members also have the freedom to decide the extent to which they want to engage in content or utilize our offerings. At WCCN, everyone is equal and can use and shape the network in their own way.
  1. Are there opportunities for collaboration or partnership with WCCN? Yes, WCCN is open to all forms of collaboration and partnerships. We welcome any opportunity to work together with other organizations and individuals on projects or initiatives. If you are interested in collaborating/partnering with WCCN, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to ideas and proposals and are ready to discuss collaboration opportunities. You can reach us at team@wccn.online, and we look forward to hearing from you and creating something great together.
  1. How can I receive current news or updates from WCCN? Becoming a member is the best way to stay up-to-date! However, in addition to our website and active Facebook page, we are continually working on establishing more communication channels to ensure that even non-members stay informed about all the important news, events, and developments at WCCN.