Ethical Code

As members of this network, we are committed to building a strong community of choral leadership who inspire and enrich one another. Together we will focus on achieving the best for our profession and choral music while setting aside personal interests to enable constructive and professional collaboration.

We will support each other and concentrate on honest and transparent communication, as well as a trusting and supportive atmosphere. We will respect one another and acknowledge our opinions and perspectives, even when they differ from our own.

We will resolve conflicts or tensions within the network in a constructive and honest manner and always act in accordance with the principles and values of the network. We will adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, avoid conflicts of interest, and always act in accordance with the principles of integrity and fairness.

Through our collegial cooperation, we will build a strong community of choral conductors who will support and enrich each other, nurture, and support the Colleagues on all levels throughout the world to achieve the best for our profession and choral music.

We will encourage diversity in our craft, share our knowledge and experience, and foster a culture of lifelong learning and growth.

As ambassadors of choral leadership/conducting, we will promote the value and importance of our art form and work to ensure its sustainability and relevance in our communities. Together, we will make a positive impact on the world of choral music and leave a legacy for future generations of choral leaders. In doing so, we are always mindful of our professional responsibility to others and commit to safeguarding the well-being of all.

The network develops goals and objectives that are subject to constant review, and in accordance with current global standards.