WCCN will be launching a journal in 2025: the WORLD JOURNAL OF CHORAL RESEARCH, PRACTICE, AND LEADERSHIP. In February, the Editorial Board will hold its first meeting to discuss all the essentials and prepare for the upcoming “Call for Papers.”

We are proud to announce the individuals who have expressed their willingness to join the Editorial Board:

Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Heike Henning – Austria
Editorial Assistant: Oksana Sukhestka – Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt – Canada / Prof. Andrea Angelini – Italy / Dr. Michael Barrett – South Africa / Prof. Virginia Bono – Argentina / Prof. Thomas Caplin – Norway / Dr. Markus Detterbeck – Germany / Cav. Dr. Ang Mei Foong – Malaysia / Associate Prof. Dr. T.J. Harper – USA / Prof. Dag Jansson – Norway / Dr. Katalin Kiss – Hungary / Prof. Dr. Kai Koch – Germany / Prof. Dr. Mara Marnauza – Latvia / Prof. Dr. Johann van der Sandt – Italy / Dr. Cheong Ku Wing – Malaysia

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting initiative!