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In this journal, the WORLD CHORAL CONDUCTING NETWORK (WCCN) aims to publish various types of contributions in the fields of Choral Research, Choral Practice, and Choral Leadership.

  • Research and Theory Articles: Present original research findings in the fields of choral singing and choral leadership, including empirical studies, conceptual development, and case studies.
  • Practice Reports: Include reports on best practices, experiences, project retrospectives, success stories, as well as innovative techniques and emerging trends from choral practice that provide valuable insights for choral leaders, instructors, and choir members.
  • Literature and Repertoire Reviews: Include literature reviews, analysis of choral works and recommendations for repertoire development.

Published by the WORLD CHORAL CONDUCTING NETWORK (WCCN), our aim is to foster discussions, knowledge exchange, and the advancement of choral music and choral leadership. We provide a platform for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to contribute to this vital musical domain.

The deadline for submission for the first issue is September 9, 2024

Please send your contributions to journal@wccn.online

Please note that all submitted articles undergo a blind evaluation process, ensuring fairness and objectivity as evaluators are unaware of the authors’ identities.

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