Nils Jensen

Connecting with people is what music making is all about. Connections between Conductor and choir as well as all performers with their audience are just as importand as connections between conductors themselfes. Founding and developing WCCN gives us the opportunity to deepen theese connection with the aim of generating wisdom and new experience to influence all connections in a positive way.

As conductor of Singakademie Potsdam, Canzonetta Choirs, Chamberchoir of Bessin and Neuruppin a cappella choir, I have gained broad experience in leading different musical groups of many levels of professionalism. As a networker I work at the Berlin Choir Foundation and the CED (Choir and Ensembleleader Foundation of Germany) and collaborate with choralspace regularily.

I hope to find new connections at the WCCN and share experiences and insights internationally.