Klaus Levermann

Choral music and choral conducting? For me, they signify family and passion. In the third generation and for over 40 years, I have been directing choirs. However, choral conducting encompasses more than just singing; it also involves organization, management, and marketing. As a longtime educational consultant for the largest German choir association, my role was to promote choirs, create educational opportunities, and present the diversity of choral singing in a positive light.

Today, I am involved in the ‘Hier klingt’s mir gut’ inclusion project, advocating for musical participation for individuals with disabilities and those with a migration background.
Why am I active in the World Choral Conducting Network (WCCN)? Because it is a place of collegial support that unites choir directors from around the world. Through the power of choral music, we foster peace, friendship, and the exchange of enthusiasm and knowledge in choral conducting.

Mail: levermann@wccn.online